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The Captain Timothy Hill House, the oldest known house on Chincoteague Island, was built circa 1800 and is an excellent example of an early style of architecture. The log plank construction was typical of the time but few examples have survived.  Settlement of Chincoteague began in the late 1700's.  By 1838 there were 26 homes on the island. This is one of those 26 and one of only 2 known buildings still standing in Virginia that were built to have a wooden chimney.  An unusual feature are the 19th century sailing ships carved into the exterior logs.

Restoration began in 2010 by Louisa Flaningam and Paul Brzozowski and the house was recently honored with listing on bothThe Virginia Landmarks Register and The National Register of Historic Places....a first for Chincoteague.

The Captain Timothy Hill House sits at 5122 Main Street.  Open Fridays from 1-3 pm during summer season and Wednesdays from 1-3 pm in July.  Please call 973-831-5961 or 914-589-7733 for more information.  Email for group tours or a private event.  Check us on Facebook.

A visit to the Hill House is a step back in time and into a typical home of the early residents of Chincoteague.....a chance to experience and learn about early life on this island.