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20 Feb 2017
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So, you've finally set the date.  You've made all your reservations and are feeling the building excitement that vacation is coming!

So how do you prepare for your vacation to insure that it will be the best possible time for you and your family?  Here are some things that perhaps you may not have considered, that will help make the transition to the easy life you envision for your much needed vacation.

What arrangements have you made to take care of the old homestead while you are away?  Do you  need to visit the post office to have them hold mail, or ask someone to pick it up every day?  Do you need to put a temporary stop on any newspapers that might be delivered?  Will you need to stop any lawncare you have scheduled? 

Remember, never give outsiders any indication that you might be away for an extended period of time. Have a friend or family member make plans to stop by and turn off/on lights, pick up any deliveries or papers/mail, and check that everything is as it should be,

Does anyone in your family have special medications that you  need to take with you? It's always a good idea to speak to your doctor early in case you need assistance. 

As you get closer to the big day, a list of favorite things you don't want to forget is always a good idea. Post it somewhere that everyone can see and add to, so that no one forgets their favorite swimsuit or hat. 

When it comes to packing for the trip, it's good to start at least 3 weeks out.  Make a checklist of items for each person, and keep it with the suitcase so that it can be easily referenced.  Everyone should be finished packing the weekend before the trip, which eliminates that last minute panic that everyone dreads. 

As you prepare for the actual trip itself, keeping the ages and attention spans of all traveling in mind so that you prepare for the inevitable boredom and restlessness that comes on those trips.  Pack items that will entertain, snacks and even a few surprises such as a new dvd or book. 

Preparing for a vacation is just as important as the vacation itself.  It allows you to arrive at your destination worry free and in a relaxed state of mind which means you insure the vacation you and your family have dreamed of!